V4.9.0 (05/2019)

SDK version v4.9.0: Release Notes

Note that there is no public release for Papillon SDK v4.7 and SDK 4.8 (internal releases for Digital Barriers products).

Main Changes:

  • New Face Recognition model FR09 with significant performance improvement: DescriberDnn plugin now uses our new FaceRecognition09 model by default (see Expected Performance)
  • New plugin FaceDetector5 (see FaceDetector5)
  • New plugin PDescriberFaceQuality for face ISO measurement (see DescriberFaceQuality)
  • Fast search algorithm for Face Recognition (see PSearchList, up to 50x faster than PWatchlist)
  • New EdgeVis input video stream plugin to be able to read TVI video streams (only available for Windows and Linux Ubuntu)
  • New FFmpeg input video stream plugin (only available for Windows and Linux Ubuntu)
  • Many new functions in Core to make SDK easier to use and speed-up development process
  • Add Python3 support

New features: