V4.3.0 (07/2017)

SDK version v4.3.0: Release Notes

Main Changes:

New features:


  • Face Recognition: DescriberDnn plugin now uses our new FaceRecognition07 model by default (see Expected Performance)
  • PFile: PFile::GetFileSize() has been renamed PFile::GetSize()
  • PWatchlistInfo: methods related to normalisation have been renamed for better understanding (e.g. PWatchlistInfo::GetMeanScoreN() is now PWatchlistInfo::GetMeanScoreNegative())
  • Improved PapillonEnrollment command line tool for Face Recognition: can now enroll several subjects at the same time without using a configuration file (use a folder containing sub-folders with only 1 subject each; sub-folders can contain several images/video of the same subject)


  • PVerify::SetSecurityLevel(): pre-determined thesholds now corresponds to default FaceRecogntion model (FaceRecognition07 in this release); wrong thresholds in Papillon 4.2
  • FaceLog4: gpuMode deprecated property replaced by gpuId (warning removed)