V3.2.0 (09/2016)

SDK version v3.2.0.0: release notes

Main Changes:

  • Stand-alone SafeZone.2d Application
  • Speed-up of non-GPU face-recognition by integration of IntelMKL
  • Simple unit-test framework and example distributed with SDK
  • Windows version is now compiled using VS2013 (still compatible with all version of VS from 2010 up)

API Changes:

API News:

  • Removed support for old TVI video plugins. These can be made available as separate plugin, please contact if required.

Bug Fixed:

  • Handle invalid video formats better in demo application
  • C# swig wrappers fixed for Win64 builds

Performance improvements:

  • Significant speed increase in computing templates and meta-data on faces, making use of Intel MKL libraries.


  • First page improved, simpler navigation
  • Added for new SafeZone 2D application