V3.1.0 (05/2016)

SDK version v3.1.0.0: release notes

Main Changes:

API Changes:

  • papillon::PapillonSDK : SetLicense() now returns papillon::PResult
  • papillon::PColour3f : this class has been removed
  • papillon::PDescriptor : GetDescriptor() now returns papillon::PResult instead of bool
  • papillon::PResult : constructor is now explicit to avoid automatic building from EReturnCode
  • papillon::PVersion : is now immutable (Set() has become a private method)

API News:

  • papillon::PEnrollment : some new functions for easily generating a description from images and videos
  • papillon::PapillonSDK : add GetVersion()
  • papillon::PFile : add IsReadable(), IsWritable(), IsExecutable(), CheckExistsAndIsReadable()
  • papillon::PFrame : add SetProperties()
  • papillon::PString : add ToTextFile(), FromTextFile()

Bug Fixed:

  • papillon::PByteArray : fix Zip(): compressionLevel was not taken into account
  • papillon::PInputVideoStream : better error message for Open(): now checks if URI is a file and if the file exists and is readable
  • papillon::POption : better error management (e.g. when equal sign is missing on a long name option)

Performance improvements:

  • no changes


  • Some improvements and fixes
  • Improvements to face recognition documentation
  • Caller graphs have been removed (useless)


  • FFMpeg input video source plugin (on external GitHub) now supports RTSP streams and GO_TO_TIME property