V2.6.2 (02/2016)

SDK version v2.6.2.0: release notes

Main Changes:

  • Added day and night checks for papillon::PKamCheckAnalytics
  • CSharp support for Remote Monitoring, i.e. KamCheck and AlarmVerification
  • Make FaceLog consistent with FaceLog2
  • Improved documentation for KamCheck and FaceLog and FaceLog2
  • Improved KamCheck algorithm (detection of frozen stream)

API Changes:

  • Added papillon::PKamCheckAnalytics::CheckDay, papillon::PKamCheckAnalytics::CheckNight
  • papillon::PKamCheckAnalytics::Apply is still there, but will be depreacted

API News:

Bug Fixed:

  • In certain cases, output AVI videos would be unreadable by 3rd party video readers.
  • Minor

Performance improvement:

  • No changes


  • Improve documentation to KamCheck, FaceLog and FaceLog2


  • OutputVideoStreamOpenCV : Fix bug that made output videos unreadable by 3rd party readers.