V2.5.0 (01/2016)

SDK version v2.5.0.0: release notes

Main Changes:

  • Add profile face-detector (mainly for blurring faces in video streams)
  • Add face-meta data describer which estimates gender of detected faces
  • Update DNN face model which offers a significant update to recognition performance

API Changes:

API News:

  • PFaceMetaData : new class for storing meta-data on a face
  • PSingleInstance : new class to ensure that only one instance of an application is running
  • PPlugin : add GetBaseFilename()
  • PProperties : Get() now supports automatic casting between compatible numeric data types

Bug Fixed:

Performance improvement:

  • No changes


  • Fix minor issues
  • Made it clearer how to use openCV output plugin
  • Made it clearer which plugins are available on which platform
  • Add some code snippets for better understanding


  • FaceMetaDataDescriber : new plugin to describer meta-data of faces
  • ProfileFaceDetector : new plugin to detect profile faces
  • SafeZoneEdge2D : bug fixes