V2.4.0 (11/2015)

SDK version v2.4.0.0: release notes

Main Changes:

  • Add licensing for 64-bit Windows applications
  • Update some third part libraries for better performance and new features (Qt, Boost, ZeroMq, etc.)
  • Add a Qt demo to show main SDK features with (Windows only, Linux version will be released with future version of the SDK)

API Changes:

  • PImage : add a second argument to Load(PByteArray&) to be able to specify an offset
  • PList : RemoveFirst() and RemoveLast() now returns a PResult
  • PUri : GetQueryValue() sets second argument to neutral value if failure (PString to "", int to -1 and double to NaN)

API News:

Bug Fixed:

  • PImage : fix jpg/png quality issue which was not taken into account in Save()
  • POption : better formatting for ToStringHelp(), fix const issues
  • POption : PStringList now use comma as separator rather than semicolon to prevent issues under Linux
  • PPath : fix Join() when some paths are empty
  • InputVideoStreamNetwork : fix crash in Release() method of this plugin (thread-issue)

Performance improvement:

  • Minor (some faster third parts libraries)


  • Fix minor issues
  • Add some code snippets for better understanding


  • InputVideoStreamNetwork : add automatic image decompression (jpg/png/bmp/tif) to be compatible with new OutputVideoStreamNetwork
  • InputVideoStreamOpenCV : fix "loop" issue (loop=true to loop a video didn't work)
  • OutputVideoStreamFFmpeg : Query string 'quality' added to tune output video quality, possible values are 'high', 'medium', and 'low'
  • OutputVideoStreamFFmpeg : Query string 'gop_length' added to set I-frame frequency in output video, takes values from 0 (I-frame only) to INT_MAX
  • OutputVideoStreamNetwork : the plugin now supports image compression (jpg/png/bmp/tif) in addition to raw format, using either URL or Set properties