V2.3.0 (10/2015)

SDK version v release notes

Main Changes:

  • C# wrapper: better support, seamless integration and better example
  • Better Face Recognition using a new model (DNN for linux)
  • Addition of Remote Monitoring analytics, KamCheck and Alarm Verification

API Changes:

API News:

Bug Fixed:

  • Windows/VStudio : fix min/max macro issue (add NOMINMAX preprocessor definition)
  • PConfigurationFile : fix SetProperty() which is now limited to 2 levels (multi-level paths are rejected)

Performance improvement:

  • Better Face Recognition using a new model
  • PMath : optimization (inlining)
  • PSocket : better logs when creating a socket


  • Better, simpler
  • PString : fix Replace() documentation


  • NetworkInputVideoStream : v1.1: now use a background thread to retrieve images in a fixed size buffer