V2.0.0 (06/2015)

SDK version v release notes

Face Recognition:

  • Better and faster Face Recognition algorithm; using Deep Neural Networks (only available on Linux)
  • New command line tool to do Enrollment and Watchlist management
  • New command line tool to perform Verification (1 to 1 matching)
  • New command line tool to perform Identification (1 to N matching)
  • New PEnrollment class (high level component to perform enrollment)
  • Face detector and face describer are now thread-safe
  • Better thumbnail management


  • Performance optimisation
  • Level of logs related to the SDK is now DEBUG (previously INFO)
  • PDescriber: change signature of Describe() to offer more options and be consistent for PDetector
  • PDescription: add IsEmpty()
  • PDetector: add IsNull()
  • PExampleSet: now thread-safe
  • PLog: add GetLevel(), DisableConsoleLoggerOnDebug()
  • POption: new class to parse command line options
  • PPath: add ListEntries()
  • PProperties: add GetByRegexp()
  • PSizei: add FromString()
  • PString: add DuplicateChars(), LastIndexOf(), PadRight(), Quote()
  • PWatchlist: now thread-safe + add ReadFromFile(), WriteToFile(), Has(), Update(), GetAllDescription()
  • PWatchlistOptions: new class to provide options to PWatchlist
  • Add some missing const in methods signature


  • Fix release issue in PInputVideoStream/POutputVideoStream
  • Fix OutputVideoStreamOpenCV: PutImage() now supports auto-detection of image resolution
  • PWatchlist: fix STL memory issue/crash; remove std::vector from the public interface