PPluginInputVideoStreamFeverCam (temperature video stream)


Read temperature video stream from FeverCam

  • Product name: FeverCamInputVideoStream
  • Version: 1.0

How to read a temperature video stream?

// FeverCam streams are RTSP streams with specific format
// by default, RTSP streams will be read using the VLC plugin. To force using FeverCam plugin,
// it is mandatory to add decode_with=FeverCam
PResult ret =
PInputVideoStream::Open("rtsp://", ivs);
if (ret.Failed()) ...

Expected format of URI is: rtsp (rtsp://)

Note that the query string 'decode_with=FeverCam' is necessary to pick this particular plugin.

Get properties

  • Get("WIDTH", int32): get image width
  • Get("HEIGHT", int32): get image width
  • Get("MAX_PENDING_IMAGES", int32): image queue capacity
  • Get("BLACKBODY_ACTIVE", bool): is black body correction active
  • Get("BLACKBODY_TEMPERATURE", double): get black body reference temperature
  • Get("BLACKBODY_RECTANGLE", PRectanglei): get black body rectangle
  • Get("BLACKBODY_DISTANCE", double): get distance from black body to camera
  • Get("REFLECTED_TEMPERATURE", double): get reflected temperature
  • Get("AMBIENT_TEMPERATURE", double): get ambient temperature
  • Get("TRANSMITIVITY", double): get atmospheric transmitivity
  • Get("EMISSIVITY", double): get emissivity

Set properties

  • Set("BLACKBODY_ACTIVE", bool): set black body correction active
  • Set("BLACKBODY_TEMPERATURE", double): set black body reference temperature
  • Set("BLACKBODY_RECTANGLE", PRectanglei): set black body rectangle
  • Set("BLACKBODY_DISTANCE", double): set distance from black body to camera
  • Set("REFLECTED_TEMPERATURE", double): set reflected temperature
  • Set("AMBIENT_TEMPERATURE", double): set ambient temperature
  • Set("TRANSMITIVITY", double): set atmospheric transmitivity
  • Set("EMISSIVITY", double): set emissivity
  • Set("PERFORM_AUTOFOCUS"): performs autofocus
  • Set("SAVE_SETTINGS"): writes current settings in camera flash so that they are kept after reboot