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 NstdSTL namespace
 CCFaceLogImageSyncConfigConfig for PFaceLogImageSync
 CPAlarmToolbox to send alarms (text, images) by email
 CPAlarmVerificationAnalyticsPerforms alarm validation on an incoming video
 CPAnalyticsParent class for all video analytics algorithms which analyse a video stream and return a list of events (PEvent); typical instances are a face logger
 CPapillonSDKGlobal functions to initialise and finalise the Papillon SDK
 CPBoxingGeneric container to box primitive data types, like int (PInt32), bool (PBool) or double (PDouble), so that they can be used as PObject; PBoxing instances are immutable (thread-safe)
 CPByteArrayResizable array of bytes
 CPByteStreamGeneric byte stream (can be a memory stream or a file stream)
 CPByteStreamImplCommon interface to all PByteStream
 CPClassifierInfoHolds information about classifier and designed for conversion between class indexes and class labels
 CPColour3iRed-Green-Blue color (RGB), each channel encoded with one 32-bit int
 CPComparerAlgorithm used to compare two PDescription (typically two biometric templates) and return a PMatchScore
 CPConcurrentQueueConcurrent bounded queue of PObject, thread-safe
 CPConcurrentRawBufferQueueConcurrent bounded queue of raw buffers, thread-safe
 CPConcurrentThreadThread, a sequence of instructions that can be executed concurrently with other such sequences in multi-threading environments, while sharing a same address space
 CPConfigurationFileFriendly interface for handling .ini configuration files
 CPDatabaseStorePStore with a database backend (either SQLite or Postgres) (a container to store an heterogeneous collection of Papillon objects into a database)
 CPDatabaseStoreIteratorIterator over a PDatabaseStore container which allows to get stored objects
 CPDateCalendar date (year, month, and day numbers) in the Gregorian calendar; PDate instances are immutable (thread-safe)
 CPDateTimeDate and time functions, including time-zone management and UTC conversions; PDateTime instances are immutable (thread-safe)
 CPDescriberParent class for all describer algorithms which turns an object detected in an image coming from a detector (PDetector) into a description (PDescription);
 CPDescriberInterfacePDescriberInterface is an interface you can use to implement your own PDescriber
 CPDescriptionSet of features that have been computed on an identity (it is a biometric template when it is used for Face Recognition)
 CPDescriptionListNothing more than a collection of descriptions (PDescription), Typically PDescriptionList's are returned from a PDescriber
 CPDescriptorSingle descriptor of an object, for example a feature vector, an image, or feature-points
 CPDetectionSomething that has been detected by a PDetector
 CPDetectionListNothing more than a collection of detections (PDetection), Typically PDetectionList's are returned from a PDetector
 CPDetectorParent class for all detection algorithms which analyse an image or a video stream and return a list of detected objects (PDetectionList); typical instances are MotionDetector or FaceDetector
 CPEnrollmentHelper class for face recognition, used to enroll people from a video or some images and save to a watchlist
 CPEntityUsed to wrap any PObject and store it into a PStore (for example, a database)
 CPEventEvent detected by a video analytics algorithm (PAnalytics); NOT thread-safe
 CPEventBuilderHelper class used to build PEvent objects
 CPExampleSetCollection of PDetection's of the same identity (unknown or known); thread-safe
 CPFaceLog6ParametersConfiguration class for PFaceLog6
 CPFaceLogImagePerform a face-log image on SVF Server
 CPFaceLogImageStoreStore a collection of PFaceLogImage's
 CPFaceLogImageStoreNotificationInform client code of changes to the PFaceLogStore
 CPFaceLogImageSyncSynchronize a PFaceLogImageStore with a SVF server
 CPFaceMetaDataMeta-data information (for example, gender) about a face
 CPFeatureMapCollection of PFeaturePoint's or PFeatureRectangle's
 CPFeaturePointSub-pixel accurate 2D location on an image; PFeaturePoint instances are immutable (thread-safe)
 CPFeatureRectangleSub-pixel accurate 2D area on an image; PFeatureRectangle instances are immutable (thread-safe)
 CPFeverCamAnalyticsAnalytics functions to process FeverCam images (change detection and black body localization)
 CPFeverCamCalibrationMethods to associate images produced by DigitalBarriers FeverCam color and thermal camera heads
 CPFeverCamProcessorMain class for handling FeverCam processing for person temperature reading
 CPFeverCamTemperatureCorrectionHuman skin temperature correction function for feverCam readings
 CPFeverCamTemperatureImagesHandlerFeverCam temperature images capture, processing and handling
 CPFileHelper class for file management
 CPFileIOGeneric functions to read/write Papillon objects from/to binary files
 CPFileStreamPByteStream whose backing store is a binary file
 CPFileWatcherAllows monitoring files for changes (listeners are notified each time the specified file is modified)
 CPFrameAny 2D-image (RGB, gray-scale, ...) with a container of additional data pertaining to that image
 CPFrameToFrameTrackerProcess that tracks, frame by frame, generic objects; not thread-safe
 CPGPSLocationGPS location; PGPSLocation instances are immutable (thread-safe)
 CPGuidGlobally Unique Identifier (GUID); PGuid instances are immutable (thread-safe)
 CPHttpRequestEase handling HTTP requests
 CPHttpResponseUsed to ease processing HTTP responses
 CPIAsynchronousWatchlistUpdaterThe interface to implement to get an Asynchronous Updater used to be used with PWatchlist::SetAsynchonousUpdater()
 CPIdentifyResultResult returned by searching a PWatchlist
 CPIdentifyResultsCollection of identification results (see PIdentifyResult)
 CPImage2D-image; several pixel format and number of channels are supported (BGR, grey-scale, ...)
 CPImageFilterImage filter
 CPInputVideoStreamInput video streams like a video file, a webcam or a RTSP stream; NOT thread-safe
 CPKamCheckAnalyticsThree static methods for performing a KamCheck camera tampering analysis and one static method for obtaining a good reference image from a video clip
 CPLicensingLicense manager (singleton) used to manage Papillon licenses for both Core and plugins; thread-safe
 CPListGeneric container which handle an ordered collection of PObject; NOT thread-safe
 CPLocationA location with latitude and longitude
 CPLogLog system (singleton) used by Papillon; thread-safe
 CPLogStreamLog stream used by log macros (should not be used directly, see P_LOG_INFO and related)
 CPMapGeneric (templated) associative container; NOT thread-safe
 CPMapIteratorIterator on a PMap
 CPMatchScoreUsed to represent a score between two descriptions
 CPMathToolbox to do some standard numeric operations (clamp, NaN handling, linear interpolation, random numbers...)
 CPMemoryStreamByte stream whose backing store is a PByteArray
 CPMutexAccess serialization between threads
 CPMutexLockerConvenience class that simplifies locking and unlocking mutexes
 CPObjectRoot class of all Papillon classes; all PObject behaves like shared references
 CPObjectMonitoringSingleton used to monitor Papillon Core
 CPObjectTypeType of object found in a video stream (can be Face, Person, Motion, etc); PObjectType instances are immutable (thread-safe)
 CPOptionCommand line parser
 CPOutputVideoStreamOutput video streams like a video file, a network socket or simply a screen display
 CPPathHelper class to get handle paths
 CPPluginPapillon plugin (input video source, detector, describer, ...); thread-safe
 CPPluginInstanceSuper class for PAnalytics, PDetector, PDescriber which handle the data structure dynamically created by a Papillon plugin
 CPPluginManagerManager for all Papillon plugins (singleton); thread-safe
 CPPoint2Df2D-point with float coordinates; PPoint2Df instances are immutable (thread-safe)
 CPPoint2DfListList of PPoint2Df
 CPPoint2Di2D-point with 32-bit int coordinates; PPoint2Di instances are immutable (thread-safe)
 CPPolygonf2D closed polygon with float coordinates
 CPPolygoni2D closed polygon with 32-bit int coordinates
 CPProcessToolbox to ease process spawning and management
 CPPropertiesContainer of properties; each property has a name (PString) and a value which can be any Papillon object (PObject)
 CPReadLockerConvenience class that simplifies locking and unlocking read-write locks for read access
 CPReadWriteLockAccess serialization between threads
 CPRectanglefAxis-aligned rectangle with float coordinates; PRectanglef instances are immutable (thread-safe)
 CPRectangleiAxis-aligned rectangle with 32-bit int coordinates; PRectanglei instances are immutable (thread-safe)
 CPResultResult returned by most of Papillon functions; this class is used to replace standard integer error code
 CPRunnableInterface to inherit to get a task that will be executed by a concurrent thread
 CPSafeZoneEdge2dParametersThe PSafeZoneEdge2dParameters is an helper class to configure SafeZoneEdge2d PAnalytics plugin
 CPSearchListWatchlist optimised for searching; for example, it is used Face Recognition to quickly find matches for a unknown face
 CPSightingStoreStore a collection of PSighting's
 CPSightingStoreNotificationInform client code of changes to the PSightingStore
 CPSightingSyncSynchronize a PSightingStore with a SVF server
 CPSingleInstanceSimple mechanism to check if several instances of the same application are running simultaneously
 CPSizefSize of an image or a rectangle: width (float) and height (float); PSizef instances are immutable (thread-safe)
 CPSizeiSize of an image or a rectangle: width (int) and height (int); PSizei instances are immutable (thread-safe)
 CPSocketNetwork socket which relies on 0-MQ distributed messaging library; NOT thread-safe
 CPSqlDatabaseConnection to a SQL database (typically SQLite3 or PostgreSQL)
 CPSqlQuerySQL query and can execute and manipulate SQL statements
 CPStoreInterface to store an heterogeneous collection of PObject into a container (typically a database)
 CPStoreEventListenerInterface to be notified when an event occurs on a PStore
 CPStoreIteratorIterator on a PStore container; can be used to get PObject stored on a database
 CPStringUnicode character strings
 CPStringListList of PString; NOT thread-safe
 CPSubjectStoreStore a collection of PDescription's
 CPSubjectStoreNotificationInform client code of changes to the PSubjectStore
 CPSubjectSyncSynchronize a PSubjectStore with a SVF server
 CPSVFClientMaintain a connection with a SVF server
 CPSVFClientGroupGroup notifications from multiple servers
 CPSVFClientGroupNotificationInform client code of changes to the synchronization
 CPSVFClientMultipartFormDataRepresents a single part of form data
 CPSVFClientNotificationInform client code of changes to the synchronization
 CPSVFClientResponseHolds information about a response from the server
 CPSWatchlistSingleUpdateA structure to hold all information related to a single change in the watchlist (add or remove one description)
 CPSystemInfoHelper class to determine capabilities (CPU, RAM, GPU) of the host system
 CPTagHolds the details of a tag
 CPTagStoreStore a collection of PTag's
 CPTagStoreNotificationInform client code of changes to the PTagStore
 CPTagSyncSynchronize a PTagStore with a SVF server
 CPTextFileDEPRECATED, use PStringList::FromTextFile() instead; The PTextFile class can be used to read text file line by line; NOT thread-safe
 CPTimeClock time functions; PTime instances are immutable (thread-safe)
 CPTimerHigh precision chronometer (highest precision available on the host)
 CPTrackTrack of object as face or person
 CPUriUnified Resource Identifier (URI), this class can also be used to handle URL; NOT thread-safe
 CPUtilsToolbox of common helper functions
 CPVectorDense numeric vector (templated) used for linear algebra; specialised versions are PIntVector, PFloatVector and PDoubleVector; NOT thread-safe
 CPVerifyFace Recognition helper class which allows for easy verification/authentication of faces from descriptions, images and videos
 CPVersionSoftware version number: major.minor[.maintenance[.build]]; immutable, so thread-safe
 CPVideoToolsSome helper functions to easily manipulate video files
 CPWatchlistCollection of PDescription typically used to detect a face from a list ok known people in Face Recognition; thread-safe
 CPWatchlist2Collection of subjects/objects typically used to detect a face from a list ok known people in Face Recognition; thread-safe
 CPWatchlistInfoAdditional data associated with a watchlist (do not contain biometric templates)
 CPWatchlistOptionsUsed for holding common watchlist options and determine how a specific PWatchlist is run
 CPWriteLockerConvenience class that simplifies locking and unlocking read-write locks for write access
 CSightingSyncConfigCConfiguration for sighting synchronisation with SVF
 CSubjectSyncConfigCConfiguration for subject sync with SVF
 CSVFClientConfigCHolds the configuration for PSubjectSync
 CSVFClientConnectionStateCHolds information about the current connection to the SmartVis Face server
 CSVFClientRequestCUsed to make a request to the server
 CTagSyncConfigCConfiguration for PTagSync