PFeverCamTemperatureCorrection Class Reference

Detailed Description

The PFeverCamTemperatureCorrection class provides human skin temperature correction function for feverCam readings.

Correction only modifies temperatures that are close to human temperature Other temperatures are untouched

Definition at line 28 of file PFeverCamTemperatureCorrection.h.

#include <PFeverCamTemperatureCorrection.h>

Member Function Documentation

◆ Correct()

static PResult PFeverCamTemperatureCorrection::Correct ( double  i_temp,
double &  o_corrTemp 

Applies human skin temperature correction Fails if Init has never been called Method is thread-safe.

Assumes temperature is in degrees Celsius

◆ Init()

static PResult PFeverCamTemperatureCorrection::Init ( )

Initializes temperature correction Must be called before first Correct call Subsequent calls are ignored.

Init temperature correction