PEventBuilder Class Reference

Detailed Description

The PEventBuilder class is an helper class used to build PEvent objects.

Definition at line 311 of file PEvent.h.

#include <PEvent.h>

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ PEventBuilder() [1/2]

PEventBuilder::PEventBuilder ( const PString type,
const PString annotation = PString::Empty(),
const PGuid sourceId = PGuid::Null() 

Creates an empty builder.

◆ PEventBuilder() [2/2]

PEventBuilder::PEventBuilder ( const PEventBuilder other)

Copy constructor.

◆ ~PEventBuilder()

PEventBuilder::~PEventBuilder ( )

Destroys this builder.

Member Function Documentation

◆ Ancestor()

PEventBuilder& PEventBuilder::Ancestor ( const PGuid ancestorEventId)

Is this event part of other events?

◆ Annotation()

PEventBuilder& PEventBuilder::Annotation ( const PString eventAnnotation)

Sets the annotation attached to the event.

◆ Certainty()

PEventBuilder& PEventBuilder::Certainty ( double  certainty)

Sets an estimation of the certainty of the event.

◆ Composed()

PEventBuilder& PEventBuilder::Composed ( bool  isComposed)

Is this event part of other events?

◆ DetectionTime()

PEventBuilder& PEventBuilder::DetectionTime ( const PDateTime detectionTime)

Records the time at which the event became known to the system.

◆ Done()

PEvent PEventBuilder::Done ( ) const

Generates the PEvent object from the information handled by this builder.

◆ Id()

PEventBuilder& PEventBuilder::Id ( const PGuid eventId)

Sets the id of the event.

◆ OccurrenceTime()

PEventBuilder& PEventBuilder::OccurrenceTime ( const PDateTime occurenceTime)

Sets the time at which the event occurred in the external system.

◆ Payload() [1/2]

PEventBuilder& PEventBuilder::Payload ( const PProperties payload)

Sets additional information related to the event.

◆ Payload() [2/2]

PEventBuilder& PEventBuilder::Payload ( const PString key,
const PObject value 

Sets additional information related to the event.

◆ SourceId()

PEventBuilder& PEventBuilder::SourceId ( const PGuid eventSourceId)

Sets the id of the source which has generated the event.

◆ SourceName()

PEventBuilder& PEventBuilder::SourceName ( const PString sourceName)

Set a friendly source name?

◆ TimeGranularity()

PEventBuilder& PEventBuilder::TimeGranularity ( PEvent::EEventTimeGranularity  timeGranularity)

Sets the precision of the any date/times in this event.

◆ Type()

PEventBuilder& PEventBuilder::Type ( const PString eventType)

Sets the type of the event.