Each call to the API needs authentication. This is currently done by HTTP Basic Authentication using a API developer key-pair supplied by Digital Barriers Plc. In order to obtain a key-pair please go-to and generate an account. Once you have done this please send an email to and request a set of developer keys. Please let us know about your company and planned application.

Once you have received the developer keys these must be used for all requests to the API using the Basic Authorization HTTP header. For example,

$ curl -H "Authorization: Basic MjBMWFg5NTlNDEFDSFpRN1ExWjlDGlVGTzorU101ZVRQMVAwUW5DTnk3L1Z5KzlYaG9kb0l6cktjRXRPT2ZNTXEyRDI0"

In all examples in this document your key is represented as XXXX.