PVector.h File Reference

Detailed Description

Class PVector: a numeric vector for linear algebra.

Definition in file PVector.h.

#include <PObject.h>
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class  PVector< T >
 Dense numeric vector (templated) used for linear algebra; specialised versions are PIntVector, PFloatVector and PDoubleVector; NOT thread-safe. More...


typedef PVector< double > PDoubleVector
typedef PVector< float > PFloatVector
typedef PVector< papillon::int32 > PIntVector

Typedef Documentation

◆ PDoubleVector

typedef PVector<double> PDoubleVector

Definition at line 107 of file PVector.h.

◆ PFloatVector

typedef PVector<float> PFloatVector

Definition at line 106 of file PVector.h.

◆ PIntVector

typedef PVector<papillon::int32> PIntVector

Definition at line 105 of file PVector.h.