PBoxing.h File Reference

Detailed Description

Class PBoxing: an immutable container to box primitive data types, like int, bool or double, so that they can be used as PObject.

Definition in file PBoxing.h.

#include <PObject.h>
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class  PBoxing< T >
 Generic container to box primitive data types, like int (PInt32), bool (PBool) or double (PDouble), so that they can be used as PObject; PBoxing instances are immutable (thread-safe). More...


typedef PBoxing< bool > PBool
typedef PBoxing< double > PDouble
typedef PBoxing< float > PFloat
typedef PBoxing< papillon::int16 > PInt16
typedef PBoxing< papillon::int32 > PInt32
typedef PBoxing< papillon::int64 > PInt64
typedef PBoxing< papillon::int8 > PInt8
typedef PBoxing< papillon::uint16 > PUInt16
typedef PBoxing< papillon::uint32 > PUInt32
typedef PBoxing< papillon::uint64 > PUInt64
typedef PBoxing< papillon::uint8 > PUInt8

Typedef Documentation

◆ PBool

typedef PBoxing<bool > PBool

Definition at line 88 of file PBoxing.h.

◆ PDouble

typedef PBoxing<double > PDouble

Definition at line 98 of file PBoxing.h.

◆ PFloat

typedef PBoxing<float > PFloat

Definition at line 97 of file PBoxing.h.

◆ PInt16

typedef PBoxing<papillon::int16 > PInt16

Definition at line 90 of file PBoxing.h.

◆ PInt32

typedef PBoxing<papillon::int32 > PInt32

Definition at line 91 of file PBoxing.h.

◆ PInt64

typedef PBoxing<papillon::int64 > PInt64

Definition at line 92 of file PBoxing.h.

◆ PInt8

typedef PBoxing<papillon::int8 > PInt8

Definition at line 89 of file PBoxing.h.

◆ PUInt16

typedef PBoxing<papillon::uint16 > PUInt16

Definition at line 94 of file PBoxing.h.

◆ PUInt32

typedef PBoxing<papillon::uint32 > PUInt32

Definition at line 95 of file PBoxing.h.

◆ PUInt64

typedef PBoxing<papillon::uint64 > PUInt64

Definition at line 96 of file PBoxing.h.

◆ PUInt8

typedef PBoxing<papillon::uint8 > PUInt8

Definition at line 93 of file PBoxing.h.