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Analyse video and distribute the results

Find faces in a crowd

Detecting faces in an image or frame of video is the first step towards categorising who has passed a camera or complying with privacy regulations. FaceFind is a robust analytic for detecting faces in images.

Send an image of each unique person seen to an operator, or blur faces in a video.

Results available as an annotated image for operator review or as co-ordinates to feed into other algorithms. Works with any image or single frame of video.

Find motion in video

Reviewing hours of video takes valuable operator time. Automate the search with Video Motion Detection. Show operators only clips where action was happening, and combine with our other analytics for smart prioritisation of alarms.

Works with any video, including clips generated by older cameras unable to host video motion detection analytics.

Check your camera is still working

Security cameras are often tampered with and no one notices for hours, days or months. Find cameras which have been moved, obscured, or degraded in quality with KamCheck.

KamCheck ignores effects of environmental changes to reduce false alarms. Works with outdoor and indoor cameras in any physical orientation and almost any field of view.

KamCheck can also run directly on Axis camera.

Respond to real alarms

Simplistic motion detection generates many false alarms. Reject false alarms with Video Alarm Verification. Add an overlay to the video to show where motion was detected for easy operator review.

Video Alarm Verification ignores frequent causes of false alarms. Works with any video.

Analyse video easily

Check your camera has not been tampered with, verify motion detection alarms are real and detect all of the faces in an image.

Send a short video clip and get analysis results with an API call:

$ curl video=@alarm.avi  http://videoai.net/alarm_verification

Analytics can also be run on the camera or at the edge.

Distribute results

TVI is the most efficient way to distribute real time video. Get video to the people who need to see it, wherever they are.

Works with iPhone and Android, even on 2G and Satellite connections.

Analytics where they make sense

All our analytics are available in the cloud, at the edge, and for integration into your applications via an SDK.

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Selected analytics are available on Axis cameras and encoders: SafeZone-edge intrusion detection and KamCheck anomaly detection.

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